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3 Creative Ways to Use CBD Honey This Season

For many of us, the holiday season can be a busy, hectic time of year. We tend to stay occupied with holiday shopping, family gatherings, work, and more. It’s a mix of dysfunction, yet this time of year somehow brings a feeling of contentment. Being surrounded by family, friends or neighbors during the holiday season brings people together to share moments filled with cheer and excitement.

If you tend to feel anxious or chaotic during the holidays, you should incorporate natural remedies that will alleviate these conditions. For example, the benefits of CBD include improved moods, better sleep and relaxation, boosted focus and energy, and overall calmness. How crucial does that sound during the most stressful months of the year?! Let’s look at how you can use Ginja Blast’s CBD-Infused Honey products this holiday season:


We know everyone loves a good, tasty drink. There’s no better time to enjoy a warm tea-based cocktail than the cold, winter months upon us. When you think of the holiday season, perhaps the sweet aroma of apple pie comes to mind. If you want to make a spin-off drink that tastes similar, try out a spiked apple pie cocktail and add our all-natural, Non-GMO Ginja Blast CBD Honey for flavorful hints of ginger and lemon zest.

Another yummy cocktail to consider is a festive hot toddy. Nothing rings in the holiday cheer like a warm cup of tea, lemon juice, some whiskey, and of course, our CBD blasted agave nectar. If you tend to get the seasonal cough or stuffy-nose during the winter, this drink will help alleviate those symptoms, and you will also reap the limitless benefits of our CBD…BOOYA!


Mmmm— The sweet, rich taste of caramel pairs with so many different things all-year-round. If you’re looking for a sugary addition for some basic items, listen up! Caramel sauce can be added to ice cream, popcorn, pretzels, cookies, brownies, pies, fruits such as apples, bananas and strawberries, and even breakfast foods like pancakes, waffles, and cinnamon rolls. It doesn’t matter which of these you are making this holiday season, simply add a teaspoon or two of our CBD-Infused Honey Products to the caramel sauce and let it work its wonders.


We know how essential your morning breakfast is. Many studies have linked eating breakfast to having more energy, maintaining good health, and lowering levels of cholesterol. With that being said, what better item to incorporate to your morning meal than avocado toast. Loaded with protein and flavor, avocado toast pairs amazing with CBD-infused honey. Adding a little bit of sweets to your morning can give you that boost of energy you so desperately need.

If you want to step your toast level up and try something different, make honey ricotta toast, peanut butter honey toast, or cinnamon and butter honey toast! There are a multitude of ways to use our CBD-Infused Honey. No matter what the occasion is this holiday season, your guests will be thrilled with these recipes!